Confidence and Slef Esteem

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The terms 'self-esteem' and self-confidence are often used in when we describe how we feel about ourselves, yet there is a subtle difference. To the world you may appear confident and outgoing, yet within you lack self-esteem.


Self-esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves, often due to influences in our formative years. When our self-esteem is low our thoughts and feelings are generally negative, we focus on our weaknesses and are overly critical of ourselves. It affects our outlook on life and our ability to cope with everyday challenges.


Self-confidence is more about the level of trust we have in our abilities, our sense of judgement and personal qualities; it can vary depending on the situation. It can be seen in our body language, our speech and behaviour. Hypnotherapy can help you banish negativity and help you to believe in yourself, boosting your confidence and giving you a new positive outlook on life.



Confidence and self esteem