Fears and Phobias

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Fears - Fear for a lot of people means that heightened, present feeling of a 'threat', which often turn out to be 'Mental Monsters' in themselves, but they can be debilitating none the less.  Fears, Phobias and Panic Attacks are all quite common.


Phobias - Now these are truly a level above a 'Fear', these are when you are frightened to the point that you emotional, often physically shaking and need to physically remove yourself well away from the cause.  They often cause totally irrational mental and physical responses to an otherwise normal balanced life.   A measure of whether a symptom is Fear or Phobia is to ask yourself if there is a sum of money in mind, for which you would face the Phobia?  If you answer 'No' It's a Phobia!      


Phobias are extremely common and wide ranging, however, whether its a fear of flying, insects, heights, needles, blood, dentists, social situations or even something less well-known, they can often be dealt with effectively using hypnotherapy.


Fears and Phobias are linked to our subconscious, so hypnotherapy can help us identify the root cause, re-evaluate past events and change our emotional reactions to them, allowing us to 'let go' of the fear or phobia, free to enjoy a full life.



Fears and Phobias