Stress and Anxiety

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Stress and anxiety

Stress - Of course stress can be positive and negative.  In therapy we're typically focused of the negative stress that Clients feel.  This can be as a result of Work or Family, or to be fair just about any aspects of your life.  Learning 'Relaxation' techniques from a qualified and professional Hypnotherapist, is an excellent way of maintaining those negative stresses. 



Anxiety - Anxiety comes in many shapes and forms and varies in severity, ranging from the appearance of a lack of confidence in communicating with others to debilitating panic attacks. Symptoms can range from an uneasy feeling, racing mind, blushing, stumbling over words, to a full panic attack with a racing heart, short, shallow breathing, trembling and an unbearable desire to escape the situation.


For everyone the experience is different and can have a major effect on both work and personal life. For each individual it is a genuine problem, preventing them from living a full and enjoyable life. Many people suffering from anxiety are embarrassed about the condition, making excuses and trying to hide the problem, totally avoiding the situations that trigger the anxiety.


Anxiety often starts very small, but through avoidance, there becomes a point where the anxiety takes over your life, and for some at this stage, it can feel like there is no way to escape it. By avoiding things that make you anxious, the brain learns two things: that the thing you are by passing is scary and that avoiding the thing makes you feel good. The more you avoid it, the more it is reinforced in your brain.


Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your anxiety. Initially hypnotherapy can provide you with techniques to manage and control the anxiety and then more importantly, help you to find the cause and heal it, reprogramming behaviours and helping you to choose and adopt more positive responses.



Exams - Be it GCSE's, A-level, Driving, Music or whatever. Studying for an exam, cramming all that new knowledge and know-how into your mind so that it's there just at the moment you need it can be stressful. Hypnotherapy can help remove the frightening memories from past performance and focus your subconscious thoughts on all of your positive strengths for the task at hand.

Goal Setting & Performance - Hypnotherapy often comes into it own when goal setting or performance enhancing is concerned. It's all about tuning that sub-conscious of yours so that it's working for you, not against you. Doing everything to stack the odds in your favour.

Public Speaking - Often sited as the most terrifying thing for a lot of people to do. The fear and anxiety of 'performing' in front of others can lead to uncontrollable physiological reactions from the mouth drying to literally not being able to speak. Hypnotherapy can help condition you to feel relaxed and calm and to strengthen your ability to speak with authority and knowledge in your chosen subject.


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