Therapy costs

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Therapy costs

How many sessions and how much is it going to cost, are key questions most clients ask. It is also important that you find the right therapist and that you are comfortable with the process of therapy, before you begin paying out any money.


The free initial consultation, allows me to fully understand what you want to achieve from the therapy, what I feel the therapy needs to entail, to give an estimate on typically how many session may be required as best as possible and to ensure you are fully comfortable with my suggested therapy and with me as your Therapist.


You are under no obligation to proceed to therapy following the Initial Consultation.


Relaxation Taster Session – 30 minutes £20.00

If you are unsure whether you whether hypnotherapy is for you, I offer a relaxation taster session, to allow you to experience what it feels like to be hypnotised.


Single Hypnotherapy Session 50 – 60 mins - £45 Payment (Cash in advance or at start of session)

As every client is unique, all sessions are tailored to your needs. All sessions take place in my consulting room.  The first working session will last for approximately 75 minutes to allow time for clarification and to answer your questions, as well as the personalised hypnotherapy session. Subsequent sessions are typical weekly and last for 50 – 60 minutes.


Stop Smoking £100 (bank transfer in advance of session or cash at start of session)

At Athena offers a 2 hour stop smoking session. This session has two aspects to it. The first focuses very specifically on detailed facts as to the background of smoking and what exactly your body is having to deal with and the effects this may cause for you and your future. Once you have the real facts to consider, we then move to a personalised Hypnosis session, which helps solidify your thought process, to break that psychological habit hold and to help allow you to achieve the result you set out for.

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