I believe that Supervision is a collaborative process of support and learning. It is protected time and space for the supervisee (practitioner) to reflect on their practice, develop their competence, skills, knowledge, and creativity within the supervisory relationship (alliance), enabling them to provide a safe and ethical service to clients, whist continuously developing themselves and their practice.

The purpose of supervision is to help and support the supervisee to:

  • monitor the needs of their clients
  • monitor and improve the effectiveness (quality) of their work
  • reflect on their work, in order to develop their knowledge, skills and competence
  • maintain ethical and professional standards


As well as to provide support and restoration to help the supervisee:

  • manage the psychological impact of their work on their own well-being
  • deal with a personal crisis that may be impacting on their work
  • develop effective self-care strategies and build resilience.


My approach and style

My approach is primarily relational, which offers respect for you and your client group, a safe space to cry, laugh, get angry and rejuvenate, as a normal response to the emotional stresses of working with people in difficult situations, and congruence to supportively challenge that practice where necessary.

I believe that supervision needs to be normative, informative and restorative, and work mainly with the seven eyed and the cyclical models of supervision.

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