Privicy Statement

Confidentiality and Data Protection

The information recorded during the consultation and subsequent sessions, is for the purpose of providing appropriate treatment.

I will ensure that your confidentiality will be maintained in all but the most exceptional circumstances (*) and all information collected during the sessions will be protected at all times. 

*Information will only be disclosed under a Court Order (civil, criminal or coroner’s Court) or where not to disclose would cause danger or serious harm to you or others, including child safeguarding concerns. Information may also be shared with an NHS medical practitioner or other Health Professional, but only with your agreement.

I have an obligation under my membership to continue my professional learning and development and therefore I may share case histories with my Supervisor. All information will be anonymous, therefore this will not be a breach of professional confidentiality.  

Whilst I can guarantee confidentiality in my counselling room, I cannot guarantee confidentiality at your end of the telephone or zoom counselling. Confidentiality can also not be guaranteed during walk and talk counselling. This is something we would need to consider before you decide what would be best for you.

All records are kept in locked cabinets, in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Data Protection Bill 25 May 2018. No electronic records are kept.

In line with current guidance and insurance requirements, your records will be kept securely for 7 years, after the date of your last session.  After 7 years, your records will be destroyed.

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